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Wed, 27th of August


Hey look, Liam hoodies are now available in the store (after 85 years because I’m really behind in pretty much everything!)

Now try and win one because I feel bad for making everyone wait forever for these. I’m sorry I’m trash.

Also to note: I’m going to be at Dragon*Con this weekend onto Monday so I’m not going to be around much to field questions about this particular giveaway run. Also, it’s going to run a little bit longer than usual for that reason. Please be patient with me :(

  • Someone will get a lacrosse hoodie!
  • Any size, any character (it doesn’t have to just be Liam, but he is brand new, so that’s neat!)
  • Shipped anywhere.
  • TO ENTER: Like and/or reblog this post ONE TIME. Please don’t spam. Please don’t use side blogs. Please be fair to other people and make my life a lot less chaotic. 
  • THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd. A winner will be notified via tumblr message after 10PM PST

Okay, sound good? 

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#hubby’s concerned tho

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Sun, 24th of August

There’s definitely something there, whether it’s romantic or not, Parrish is definitely intrigued by Lydia. His attention when the Sheriff brought her in…he was a little more excited or a little more inquisitive than maybe the average person would’ve been. And he went through that experience where he found the dead bodies with her and his suspicions of her being psychic were kind of there all along and that just intensified it. I think he’s intrigued by her, definitely. In which manner, I’m not quite sure.” - Ryan Kelley

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Sun, 24th of August
make me choose » aleynstone asked: Jake/Amy or Oliver/Felicity
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teen wolf + parks and recreation

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Sun, 17th of August
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Sat, 16th of August

olicity: a summary.

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Sat, 16th of August


Clint “I’m SORRY guys my phone was on silent for three years" Barton

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