Sat, 12th of April
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Sat, 12th of April

I seriously don’t understand how you survive without me sometimes.

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Fri, 11th of April



I enjoyed the new Captain America movie quite a bit. But I knew its soundtrack was missing something.


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Thu, 10th of April


Clint right now:


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Thu, 10th of April

If I Was in Charge of the Cap 2 Credits Scene


Clint Barton is lying, bruised and bloodied, on the floor of a sparse yet expensive looking studio apartment.

His head is pounding, something that is not helped by that music. Is that his phone? Yeah, it’s his phone.

With a groan he opens his eyes.

Looking down at him from the sofa is a girl in a purple sweater and a mangy looking yellow lab.

"Someone named Natasha keeps calling," the girl explains as she hands the phone down to him. "And texting."

Clint takes the phone. Fifty two missed calls. Futz.

"Ok," he mutters. "This looks bad."

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Wed, 9th of April


“Honestly, [the arrow necklace] was a choice that Scarlett herself made as her character. Her relationship with Hawkeye will become very clear in Avengers 2.” - Joe Russo

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Wed, 9th of April
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Tue, 8th of April


You shoot me down but I won't fall. I am titanium. 
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Mon, 7th of April
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Mon, 7th of April
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